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candy jams

The following are bits and pieces culled from rehearsals by Angry Candy between 1994-2003. They are almost without exception completely improvised—a testament to the level of musical symbiosis attained by these talented gentleman during this fertile musical period … --The EDITORS



CANDY JAMS (1994-2003)

Goddess Rising

The Ballad of Eli Whitney

The Secret of our Success

Enter Bobham

Can't Go Back

Head Honcho

Travels Down the Amazon

High Profile Sporting Event

The Robot Party

Sometimes a part of the Machine
gets Angry at itself

The strange meeting of effects box
and dr. feedback

Love Raygun

The Amazing Bi-Plane Expedition

Instinct Knows Best

Happiness is the Longing
for Repetition

Lost in Texas

Texas Swamp

Groove Lizard

Cleaning the Slate

Eberhard's Cavern







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all songs copyrighted 1994-2008 Gordon Stevenson