everything ahead

Records indicate that EVERYTHING AHEAD is actually the musical persona of one GORDON STEVENSON (aka "GMAN"), former front man of defunct cult-favorite progressive-rock power trio ANGRY CANDY.
The photograph on the left was taken of GMAN at an undisclosed location near an air force base in either TEXAS or ENGLAND sometime in the mid-1970s. EVERYTHING AHEAD is presently presumed to be in hiding.
Rumors continue to circulate about his exact status— the recordings on this page would suggest that he is still among the living, but this cannot be confirmed as his last public appearance of note was several years ago. Legal documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act conclusively verify the following: he has a wife (aka JESSALEE), a dog and a Ph.D., in that order.
While EVERYTHING AHEAD's recordings have been primarily solo projects, other musicians do accompany him. Of special note is the self-titled covers album EVERYTHING AHEAD (2005), on which he is joined by his wife. We like to imagine her as a redhead. She has a very pretty voice.

The present WEBPAGE constitutes a fairly comprehensive archive of the musical output of EVERYTHING AHEAD. Select LISTEN to listen to (and in select cases, download) music in mp3 format, including what appears to be EVERYTHING AHEAD’s latest audio project, PIECES (2008). While the EDITORS of the present WEBPAGE have exercised the utmost diligence in compiling and organizing EVERYTHING AHEAD’s complete available creative output, the precise recording dates of songs contained on these pages cannot be conclusively verified (although they are clearly the products of a poorly-equipped digital home studio).

Click on WATCH to view the 2006 documentary film MONEYLESS IN MOAB. This film—currently under investigation by the Dept of Homeland Security—is claimed to have been filmed and scored by one “Gordon Stevenson,” but since there are no images of him in the film, there is no way to prove conclusively that this is the SAME MAN as the one responsible for the music and writings contained on this web page.

We will continue to monitor both the VIRTUAL and REAL worlds for signs of life from EVERYTHING AHEAD and post additional archival music, video footage, and writings as they becomes available to us. We sincerely hope you enjoy the website.--The EDITORS







all songs copyrighted 1993-2006 Gordon Stevenson